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Heel Tough Blog: 2021 Scouting Reports- Conner Harrell

Brandon Sumrall- MaxPreps

Our look back into the 2020-21 season continues with the Tar Heels latest offer on the trail. On Saturday, the coaching staff extended an offer to 2022 3✭ DUAL Conner Harrell out of Thompson High School in Alabaster, AL. To get a look at a guy who now becomes the Tar Heels lone 2022 uncommitted quarterback target, we went back to one of his playoff games from this fall.

With Harrell and the Warriors winning yet another 7A state title in Alabama, there were plenty of games to choose from, but we decided to go with the school’s state quarterfinal matchup with their conference rival Hewitt-Trussville. This game may have been Harrell’s most complete game of the season, as he completed 17 of his 24 passes for 225 yards and four touchdowns, while adding 100 yards rushing on the ground on twelve carries. Behind that season's best performance, the Warriors were able to pull away for a 42-16 win and advance to the state semifinals.

Harrell looked great in this game and showed plenty of intriguing attributes of his game. Coming into the game, Harrell hadn’t used his legs that much, but he showed that he is more than capable of making plays with his legs. He showed very strong pocket awareness, sliding up in the pockets constantly to be able to make plays and using his scrambling ability to extend plays a couple of times, as well. He has a cannon for an arm, as he was zipping the football on every pass he threw in this game and made a couple of nice throws deep down the field to go with it. His ball placement on his throws were simply fantastic in this one with every pass being catchable despite some throws having to be placed in tight windows. His footwork was solid, but was the one aspect of his game that was thrown off a bit at times when he was under pressure. There are a lot of things to like about Harrell’s game and he seems like a guy who could fit the Tar Heel offense well if he is interested.

It’s tough to get a read on exactly where the Tar Heels stand with the offer being so recent, but it is worth mentioning that they are entering the race after he released a top ten schools list last week. That’s far from a nail in the coffin of this pursuit, but it does mean that those ten teams have more established relationships with him, an obstacle that will have to be overcome to land him. One thing that this does show from a Tar Heel perspective, though, is that they are wanting to add a quarterback in this class, especially with the possibility that Sam Howell could depart at the end of this coming season.

Harrell is the latest of many targets that we will be looking at over the next few months with games from the past football season. In our next scouting report, we’ll head to the state of South Carolina for a look at one of the top corners in the nation and one of the Tar Heels’ two big time targets at the position.

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