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Heel Tough Blog: Could Mack Brown Be Considering Retirement?

Grant Halverson- Getty Images

It's something that get talked about each and every offseason, but the Mack Brown retirement conversation is getting started earlier than normal this year.

Earlier today in a hit with CBS Sports HQ, 247Sports’ Brandon Marcello revealed that sources have been telling the outlet that the Tar Heels’ head coach is someone to keep an eye on for potential retirement. “We saw him this past week in the double overtime win against Duke, he was very emotional after the win, even tearing up on television, voice was cracking. A lot of industry sources, agents and coaches believe that he might consider stepping away at the age of 72.” 

Following these reports, program SID Jeremy Sharpe sent out a statement to multiple media outlets downplaying the reports. “It’s that time of year, so someone is going to start this rumor in the hopes of affecting our team and/or recruiting like they’ve done the past two years. Mack is full steam ahead. In fact, he already has spring practice planned and is currently setting up recruiting visits for December. So no, he’s not retiring.”

Could this be the case? Sure. Could there be some truth to Marcello’s report? Of course. The display of emotion in the final home game of the season was reminiscent of what Roy Williams did after what turned out to be his final home game. It wouldn’t be shocking if after a guy the caliber of Drake Maye leaves, Brown thinks it is time to hang it up, especially if this season ends with ten or more wins. That being said, Brown seems more energetic than he was a couple years ago and it wouldn’t be shocking to see him stick around and try to play out the outstanding recruiting classes that he has brought in in the past few years.

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Brandon Griffin
Brandon Griffin
Nov 16, 2023

I believe Mack Brown wants 300 wins...he is now at guess is 2 to 3 more seasons for him to reach that number and then he will retire

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