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Heel Tough Blog: Mack Brown Press Conference Takeaways- February 7th

Inside Carolina

Wednesday was National Signing Day as the 2024 recruiting cycle came to a close. While the Tar Heels did not sign any high school prospects in this period, head Mack Brown and Assistant A.D./General Manager Patrick Suddes and the six early enrolled transfers spoke with the media. Let’s take a look at the most important things that came from what the head coach of the team had to say.

‘Hold the Line’ Campaign Was a Start, But We Need $5 Million

Brown once again led off his presser by talking about the changing landscape of college athletics and how it is something that needs to be fully embraced. He did praise the job the fanbase did with the ‘Hold the Line’ campaign that raised over $1 million, but that was just a start for the program. According to him, the Tar Heels are still in need of $1 million to reach the $5 million mark that Brown says is needed to field a competitive roster. While that is crazy to believe that it takes that much just to have a chance of competing, it's good to see that Brown and his staff are embracing that this is the situation right now and that they have to adjust to it.

Team is Looking to Add a DL in the Second Transfer Window

One of the main reasons that the extra money is needed is that the team plans to add at least one more player to the team in the spring transfer window. Brown said that the team will pursue a defensive lineman when that next window opens. Brown says that is the one spot that the team needs to add at right now, but that things could change if guys were to transfer during that time.

No Replacements for Corey Holliday and Sparky Woods

The team saw three members of the administrative staff step away last week and Brown said Wednesday that the team will not be replacing two of them. Brian Simmons will take over for Darrell Moody as the senior advisor to the head coach/pro liaison, but the second senior advisory and football administrator roles will not be filled. Brown says that the administrative team will have their roles readjusted to take on additional responsibilities. Suddes is one of those who will have an added role as he adds football administrator to his title.

30 Early Enrollees Give Us a Chance to Build Depth

As Brown said back in December, the team has 30 early enrollees that will be with the team in spring and he spoke on how valuable that is. With as many departures as this team had in the offseason, getting this group of true freshmen and transfers off and running in spring practice is huge. Brown says this added time with the team for some many newcomers will help this team to develop the depth it just doesn’t have right now.

Feels Good About Offensive Line

Brown's endorsement of the offensive line wasn’t exactly the most encouraging statement he has ever had, but it certainly was noteworthy. He said that he feels good about where the unit is at after the four additions they made in the first transfer window despite three of those likely being guys that will have to battle for roles in this room. Brown said this room has a chance to be better than the last two years, a statement that doesn’t exactly inspire a ton of confidence in this room. The hope was that the team would be able to upgrade this unit this offseason with some uncertainty at the quarterback spot, but that is far from a given as we sit here today.


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