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Heel Tough Blog: Post-Senior Bowl Tar Heel Draft Rankings

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

With the Senior Bowl festivities concluding down in Mobile on Saturday, the focus for all of the NFL Draft prospects will turn to Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine that will take place from February 26th-March 4th. The Heels could have solid representation in attendance according to draft site rankings, so let’s take a look at where the Heels draft prospects stand as of the moment.

Athlon Sports

WR Anthony Ratliff-Williams

The Draft Network: No. 16 WR, 3rd-4th Round

Charlie Campbell: No. 42 WR, 6th-Undrafted

Drafttek: No. 17 WR, 4th Round

Ourlads: No. 33 WR, N/A

Brian Johannes: No. 17 WR, N/A No. 44 WR, Undrafted

D.J. Boyer: No. 33 WR, 7th-Undrafted

Ratliff-Williams is easily the best NFL prospect in this draft class for the Heels and it seems like almost a sure thing that he will be in attendance at the combine. Teams really like the upside that Ratliff-Williams presents, his ability to go up and get the football and run-after-catch, so it’s not crazy to think that he could go late on Day Two. However, most sites see him as a Day Three guy, but at this time I would be shocked if Ratliff-Williams isn’t taken before the 5th Round.

Jim Hawkins- Inside Carolina

EDGE Malik Carney

The Draft Network: No. 20 EDGE, 5th-6th Round

Charlie Campbell: No. NA EDGE, Undrafted

Drafttek: No. NA EDGE, Undrafted

Ourlads: No. 18 DE, N/A

Biran Johannes: No. NA EDGE, Undrafted No. 39 DE, Undrafted

D.J. Boyer: No. NA EDGE, Undrafted

Carney had a good week for himself at the East-West Shrine game and that reflects in the new rankings from the draft network. Teams really seem to like Carney’s ability to play either 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE and that makes him more draftable than some of the defensive ends that were originally ahead of him. Carney showed his impressive combination of pass rush moves throughout the week and even had a sack and quarterback pressure in the game because of them. Carney is far from the most impressive pass rusher in this draft class, but his consistency along with scheme flexibility means he should be a Day Three selection.

Jeffrey A. Camarati-

OT William Sweet

The Draft Network: No. 30 OT, Undrafted

Charlie Campbell: No. NA OT, Undrafted

Drafttek: No. NA OT, Undrafted

Ourlads: No. 10 OT, N/A

Brian Johannes: No. NA OT, Undrafted No. 19 OT, 7th Round

D.J. Boyer: No. 18 OT, 5th-6th Round

As you dive deeper into this decision, the more people begin to wonder about Sweet’s decision. Some draft sites believe someone will take a flyer on him on Day Three, but it’s far from a guarantee that he will be drafted as of right now. A combine invite would be a huge step in the right direction for Sweet’s stock. Teams that are interested in Sweet will be impressed with how good of a pass protector he is, as he was one of the top pass protecting tackles in the country this past season, according to Pro Football Focus. With his upside, Sweet will be in camp with an NFL team this fall. The question is, will it be as a drafted player or undrafted free agent?

Gerry Broome- AP Photo

ILB Cole Holcomb

The Draft Network: No. 37 LB, Undrafted

Charlie Campbell: No. ILB, Undrafted

Drafttek: No. NA ILB, Undrafted

Ourlads: No. 14 ILB, N/A

Brian Johannes: No. NA ILB, Undrafted No. NA ILB, Undrafted

D.J. Boyer: No. ILB, Undrafted

Holcomb was of just about every major draft sites radar prior to the East-West Shrine game, but that week gave him plenty of recognition and although he wasn’t a top performer, scouts seemed to take notice. If Holcomb can prove that he can be that solid open-field tackler with decent coverage ability, he should be in camp this fall. As of right now, though, it seems like that will likely be as an undrafted free agent.

DT Jalen Dalton

The Draft Network: No. NA DT, Undrafted

Charlie Campbell: No. NA DT, Undrafted

Drafttek: No. 18 DL 5-TECH, 7th-Undrafted

Ourlads: No. 35 DT, N/A

Brian Johannes: No. NA DT, Undrafted No. NA DT, Undrafted

D.J. Boyer: No. DT, Undrafted

Dalton is one of those off-the-radar guys who could get some late push if he is able to receive a combine invite (highly unlikely) or has a strong pro day. Dalton, a former highly rated 4✮ recruit, never was able to reach the lofty expectations that he came to Chapel Hill with due to injuries and questions about his motor. While he will have to answer questions about both of these concerns, he has the ability to be a solid 5-technique defensive tackle or a 3-4 defensive end with his ability to get into the backfield and cause problems.

Jim Hawkins- Inside Carolina

DT Jeremiah Clarke

The Draft Network: No. NA DT, Undrafted

Charlie Campbell: No. NA DT, Undrafted

Drafttek: No. NA DT, Undrafted

Ourlads: No. NA DT, Undrafted

Brian Johannes: No. DT, Undrafted No. 46 DT, Undrafted

D.J. Boyer: No. NA DT, Undrafted

Clarke had a solid finish to his career this past season, and while it doesn’t seem likely that he will be drafted, if he wants to pursue an NFL career there is a chance he could make a roster as an undrafted free agent. Clarke showed at times that he can be that space-eating defensive tackle in the middle of a defensive line and has the size to play there. The issues for Clarke have come with consistency and motor, as well, so he’ll have to answer some questions come pro day if he participates.

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