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Heel Tough Blog: Trench Report- Georgia Tech

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Carolina improved to 3-3 on Saturday, with a convincing 38-22 win over Georgia Tech. It was the Heels most complete effort, especially on the offensive side of the football. The Heels racked up over 500 yards, and were efficient on third down. Sam Howell threw for over 300 yards, with 4 touchdowns. Carolina used their success throwing the football, to run for over 200 yards. Defensively, the Heels forced 2 turnovers on their way to having their best effort of the season. All this success isn't possible unless they were good in the trenches. Your report from the road win in Atlanta:

Todd Greene

Offensive Line

This was easily the best game from the big hogs up front. They kept Sam Howell upright, as he was only sacked one time. The biggest reason that the offensive line play has improved since the Wake Forest game, is that Brian Anderson has finally settled in place of Nick Polino. As important as Charlie Heck is to this team, the play of the center can't be understated. Their play upfront, allowed this offense to have their biggest day of the season. Carolina ran 97 plays on Saturday, and you wouldn't tell because the line looked fresh entering the 4th quarter. The bye week will allow for Charlie Heck to continue to get healthy, but also allow for more reps, for a relative young offensive line.

Todd Greene

Defensive Line

Defensively Carolina was disruptive up front, especially Aaron Crawford who had a big game. It’s been really fun getting to watch him play healthy, after watching him fight injuries the last few years. Tomon Fox was also productive, recording a sack and a rankle for loss The guys continue to improve every week under Jay Bateman’s scheme. One thing that is noticeable is that the guys are filling gaps, and allowing the linebackers to flow to the football and make plays. Then yes week comes at a time for the guys to recharge, and prepare to make a run at a Coastal title.

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