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About Us

A Tar Heel news outlet that covers Tar Heel Football and Basketball day in and day out.

The Heel Tough Blog is a blog run by Anthony Pagnotta, who has been following the Tar Heel Football team in depth since 2015. The blog originally started on the sports blog website SportsBlog and has since moved to Medium.

Tied in with the blog is the Heel Tough Blog Podcast, which is available on anywhere you can listen to podcasts. The goal of this website is to help you stay up to date on the latest happenings in and around the Tar Heel football team, while also expressing opinions of those who follow the team closely.

In 2019, the Heel Tough Blog added basketball coverage to the website, while also adding the Roy's Boys Podcast as part of the expansion.

In 2021, following the retirement of head coach Roy Williams, the name of the Roy's Boys Podcast was officially changed to the Four Corners Podcast.



Lead Football Writer 

Heel Tough Podcast Main Host

Roy's Boys Podcast Co-Host

Anthony Pagnotta

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Lead Basketball Writer

Heel Tough Blog Podcast Co-Host

Roy's Boys Podcast Main Host

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Heel Tough Blog Podcast Football Recruiting Analyst

Zack Hubbard

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Blog Contributor

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