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Heel Tough Blog: 2023 Recruiting Priorities- WR

On Thursday morning, one of the Tar Heels' biggest targets in the 2023 class, 4✮ WR Christian Hamilton, disclosed that he will be announcing his commitment on July 1st. Hamilton is one of the multiple major targets at wide receiver that the team is strongly pursuing in the class right now. With a multitude of targets at this position group in this cycle, here is a look at how I would prioritize these targets right now at this major position of need.

@noah1rogers- Instagram

7. Noah Rogers- Rolesville (Rolesville, NC)

If this list was based purely on talent, Rogers would be at the top, but this is a target that the Tar Heels are battling from behind with. He will be taking an official visit to Chapel Hill next weekend, which is something, but Ohio State still seems to be a heavy favorite that will be extremely difficult to overcome here. He has the edge on Concepcion here because of the fact that he will play on the outside, but this is the best spot for him on this list right now with how far off the pace the Tar Heels are as of today.

@iamtamarcus- Instagram

6. Tamarcus Cooley- Rolesville (Rolesville, NC)

Cooley is definitely higher on the Tar Heels at this time than his high school teammate, but the lesser need at slot receiver plays a role here. This is one that feels attainable if the Tar Heels want him and the other teams in the race, all out of state schools, feel to be in a very similar spot with him. If the Tar Heels can impress next weekend when they host him for an official visit, he could certainly become a part of this Tar Heel class, but with the need on the outside as crucial as it is right now, it’s harder to place any higher than where he is right now.

@nathan_leacock- Instagram

5. Nathan Leacock- Millbrook (Raleigh, NC)

Leacock has that big frame that the Tar Heels need in one of their outside receivers and the staff has done enough to keep themselves in the race. NC State is the team that the Tar Heels are battling for this commitment, but it feels like they have a chance if they want him. Of the outside receivers, though, this is a guy that should probably be looked at as a secondary plan for some of the bigger outside receiver targets.

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4. Kevin Concepcion- Chambers (Charlotte, NC)

Slot receiver isn’t the bigger need in the room right now as we told you earlier, but Concepcion is an extremely talented option that the Tar Heels staff should be all over. The buzz around him seems to suggest that the Tar Heels are closer to NC State in this race than some would have you believe and the next two weekends in this recruitment are crucial. Landing his commitment would be a nice addition and would more importantly establish a pipeline to one of the state’s most successful football programs in the last decade.

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3. Christian Hamilton- Hickory Ridge (Harrisburg, NC)

Hamilton is an extremely talented receiver who can fill a lot of different roles, but he is not your prototypical outside receiver at just 6’0, 180 lbs.. The Tar Heels are in the best position with him of anyone that we have talked about so far, especially after he canceled his official visit to Notre Dame this weekend, leaving many to believe that it is down to the Tar Heels and Texas A&M for his services. There is no doubt that this would be a nice addition to the class, but I can’t prioritize him above the two outside receivers that this team needs.

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2. Paul Billups Jr.- Western Branch (Chesapeake, VA)

Billups is the guy on this list that I feel most confident about the Tar Heels landing at the wide receiver position and it is good news because he fits the profile of exactly what the Tar Heels need on the outside. He will be on campus next weekend, as well, and the staff will hope to get him to move up his commitment date from August 24th. Billlups is one of the most complete wide receivers in this class and would be an important addition to this class.


1. Chris Culliver- Maiden (Maiden, NC)

Culliver should be looked at as the big in-state prize for the Tar Heels. Culliver is the perfect fit for what the Tar Heels want in their outside receivers, resembling a lot of what Dyami Brown did so well in his time at Carolina. The Tar Heels will get their chance to impress him this weekend with him on campus for his official visit, but they are in a knockdown, drag-out fight with Virginia Tech for his commitment at this point. This would be a huge one for the Tar Heels if they can hold off the Hokies.


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