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Heel Tough Blog: Pre-Combine Draft Rankings

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The next step of the NFL Draft process will happen this week, as two Tar Heels will head to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis to showcase their skills along with the other top prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft class. As we head towards Indy, here is an update on the Tar Heel prospects rankings prior to the Combine’s commencement on Thursday.

DL Jason Strowbridge

The Draft Network: 4th-5th Round, No. 14 IDL

CBS Sports: 4th-5th Round, No. 12 DL 3rd-5th Round, No. 6 3-4 DE 5th-6th Round, No. 10 DL3T 5th Round, No. 19 DE No. 9 DE

Bleacher Report: 4th Round

Strowbridge’s stock has sky-rocketed since the Senior Bowl after he dominated in the week of practice, showing great quickness and physicality throughout and opening a lot of eyes. With him taking a trip to Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine, he’ll once again get a chance to make some noise amongst the top defensive line prospects in the class. If he can nail the interview and on-field portions of the week, this flexible defensive lineman that is seen as someone who could play either the DL5T or DL3T could very well push himself into Day 2 conversations.

Jim Hawkins- Inside Carolina

OT Charlie Heck

The Draft Network: 5th-6th Round, No. 17 OT

CBS Sports: 5th-6th Round, No. 30 OL 4th-6th Round, No. 21 OT Undrafted, No. 25 OT 6th Round, No. 20 OT No. 14 OT

Bleacher Report: Undrafted

Heck’s week at the Senior Bowl wasn’t quite as special as Strowbridge’s was, but he still did a good job to keep his stock stabilized, something that is important at this stage of the process. He did enough to get a Combine invite and will get another chance to wow scouts, something the former tight end could do in an event that favors athleticism. At this point, it’s hard to see him moving up much on any boards unless he has a huge week in Indy, but he is still a consensus solid Day 3 selection.

Grant Halverson- Getty Images

S Myles Dorn

The Draft Network: 4th-5th Round, No. 13 S

CBS Sports: 5th-6th Round, No. 17 S 4th-6th Round, No. 22 S 7th-Undrafted, No. 21 S 6th Round, No. 11 S No. 21 S

Bleacher Report: 7th Round

Dorn looked good in the East-West Shrine Game, doing a great job of flashing his range a safety that allows to make things happen both in-the-box and in coverage, but it apparently wasn’t enough. Similar to Anthony Ratliff-Williams a year ago, Dorn was spurned an invite and has since been dropping down multiple analysts’ boards. The good news is that he does still have his pro day ahead of him and even with him dropping on a lot of boards, he is still expected to be selected somewhere on Day 3.

AP Photo

DT Aaron Crawford

The Draft Network: Undrafted

CBS Sports: Undrafted Undrafted Undrafted, No. 15 DL3T Undrafted Unranked

Bleacher Report: Undrafted

Crawford still almost non-existent stock remains baffling, but on Drafttek is even showing a trace of him in their rankings. The top run defender among interior defensive linemen this past season in college football, according to Pro Football Focus, will have to wait for his chance to make an impression in his pro day after not receiving a combine invite. That will be his chance to garner some discussion amongst NFL scouts, but that still might not be enough to get him drafted.

Rebecca Lawson- GoHeels

LB Dominique Ross

The Draft Network: Undrafted

CBS Sports: Undrafted Undrafted Undrafted, No. 23 OLB Undrafted No. 54 OLB

Bleacher Report: Undrafted

Ross hasn’t received a ton of buzz, but his athleticism and ability in coverage make him an intriguing prospect for teams to look at late or after the draft. Barring an unbelievable performance in his pro day, Ross will likely go undrafted, but there is a legitimate chance he could get an invite to a training camp.

TE Brandon Fritts

The Draft Network: Undrafted

CBS Sports: Undrafted Undrafted Undrafted Undrafted No. 51 TE

Bleacher Report: Undrafted

Back-to-back knee injuries cost Fritts each of his final two seasons at Carolina and also did major damage to any draft stock that he had entering his senior season. If he can put together a good pro day, there is upside to his game as an athletic red zone threat. The resurrection of the XFL might be the opportunity that’s perfect to help try revive his career after the injury issues.

Andy Mead- GoHeels

RB Antonio Williams

The Draft Network: Undrafted

CBS Sports: Undrafted Undrafted Undrafted, No. 31 RB Undrafted No. 69 RB

Bleacher Report: Undrafted

Williams is another player that the XFL or CFL feels like a perfect fit for. He showed flashes this past year of a player that brings a versatile running style that landed him a 4✮ rating out of high school. His ability to catch the ball out of the backfield will also help his stock and should make him a worthy candidate for some of the other leagues outside of the NFL.

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