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Heel Tough Blog: UNC-Miami Postponed

In less than 2 hours before tipoff, UNC-Miami was postponed due to issues surrounding COVID-19. After a video surfaced earlier today showing both Day’Ron Sharpe and Armando Bacot at a party on Saturday night, maskless. Prior to the postponement, the guidelines that the ACC are following, left it up to UNC to be the ones responsible for any disciplinary action. After further discussions between the UNC and Miami programs, it was agreed upon that the game couldn’t be played as scheduled.

As of right now, there’s no word on if, and when the game will be rescheduled. With Miami already being in Chapel Hill, there is a good chance for the game to be played later this week, once it’s deemed safe enough to play basketball.

If the game isn’t rescheduled for later this week, Carolina will once again be back on the road on Saturday, as they’ll travel to Charlottesville and take on Virginia. If that is the next time that we see the Tar Heels on the floor, that would mean that they haven’t played at home since January 23rd.

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