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Heel Tough Blog: 2020 Scouting Reports- Fisher Anderson

Joseph Summers- Franklin Home Page

For the second straight week, we at the Heel Tough Blog let you the fans select the player that we scouted. This week, the selection was 2022 4✮ OT Fisher Anderson, who included the Tar Heels in his top fifteen back on August 8th. With his help, he and the Franklin Admirals were able to earn a huge 27-20 victory in a tough game with a very good Summit Spartans team.

Anderson had a solid night, finishing with five knockdowns and a sack allowed while helping the Admirals to move the ball in the time when they needed to. Anderson had some dominant reps, especially in run blocking, but there were times where he was overpowered a bit by Summit defensive end Trevon Hunter. He has impressive length that allows him to cover a lot of space really quickly, but his height is a disadvantage against squattier defensive ends that can drop their shoulders. When he gets a head of steam, he is able to drive defenders downfield, but he does have some moments where he can get pushed back easily. His most impressive reps of the night came when he was able to drive the defensive end ten yards down the field to open up a gaping hole for the running back to run through in the middle of the second quarter. While there are still areas that he has to improve, he has some nice raw ability and is definitely someone that the Tar Heels should continue to pursue.

The scouting reports will continue next week with another player that will be picked by you, the fans.

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