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Heel Tough Blog: 4✮ WR Targets Reportedly Not In Play for Clemson, Heels Primed to Capitalize

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Clemson has been in control of 2024 4✮ WR Braylon Staley’s recruitment since the early stages, but that is no longer as of Wednesday.

Staley told Phil Kornblut of SportsTalk Recruiting that he no longer has a committable offer with the Tigers following the first official visit weekend. Dabo Swinney and crew hosted a majority of their big name wide receiver targets over the weekend and received two commitments from that group. 5✮ Bryant Wesco and 4✮ TJ Moore’s commitments filled the two spots that the Tigers had for receivers in the class according to Staley. “Unfortunately, they got two receivers that committed already,” Staley told Kornblut. “They were only taking two out of the ’24 class.  Unless anyone decommits, then right now, yeah, I’m out.”

If what Staley said is true and Clemson is only taking two commits in this class, this has a major effect on both his and another major target’s recruitment.

When it comes to Staley, this probably puts the Tar Heels in the lead for him. Both Miami and Tennessee will get there shot with him this month, but coming into June, the thought seemed to be that they had more work to do than the Tar Heels. They will get the final say at the end of the month and it feels like that could be what eventually puts them over the top. His decision will come shortly after the conclusion of that visit, he told Kornblut. He expects to reveal it either in the final two days of the month or sometime early in July.

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The other prospect who this would affect is in-state 4✮ Alex Taylor. Just as they did with Staley, the Tigers had cemented themselves as the clear favorites. If this is true and Clemson isn’t taking any more receiver commits, this opens the door for the Tar Heels again. Unlike with Staley, it isn’t them that assumes the lead in this battle. NC State seems to be the team that seems to be in the best position here, but the Tar Heels and Penn State, who will get an official visit at some point, are still in a good enough spot to overtake them.


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