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Heel Tough Blog: Don Chapman Remains With Team, Will Return to the Field Saturday

David J. Griffin- Getty Images

Mack Brown met with the media on Monday for the first time in over a week to update where the team is at coming out of their first bye of the season as they prepare for Notre Dame. During that press conference, he also updated the status of defensive back Don Chapman.

“Don Chapman will remain on the team. He never left the team, but he did not travel to Georgia State. With the information that we’ve gathered over two weeks, we feel like that he should stay on the team and he will play this weekend. If some other information comes up, obviously, that is different than what we’ve learned then we would look at it closely and see if that changed the narrative.” -Mack Brown

Chapman was arrested and charged with domestic criminal trespassing, assault on a female and a misdemeanor battery of an unborn child on the night of September 7th in Chatham County and appeared in court the following day.

The female involved in the situation was also charged, this by Durham County authorities. She was charged with simple assault, a class two misdemeanor and according to Chatham and Orange County district judge Hathaway Pendergrass, “the women made a suicidal threat with a firearm, which Chapman dispatched when the alleged assault occurd.”

Both sides were granted release when they appeared in court back on September 8th with an agreement to appear in court and to have no contact with each other. Chapman is set to appear in court again on October 19th.

He will likely reassume his role as the backup boundary safety, which he held in the first two games of the season before missing the Georgia State game. He played 33 snaps in those first two games, 32 of which came in the opener against Florida A&M.


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