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Heel Tough Blog: Drake Maye Hints at Bowl Game Decision

Bob Donnan- USA Today Sports

Tuesday was the players day with the media after the coaches met with them on Monday. While most of the focus was on Saturday’s game with the NC State Wolfpack, quarterback Drake Maye was asked once again about his future plan.

Just like he did a couple of weeks ago, Maye said that he has not made a decision on the draft just yet, saying the decision is something that he will wait on until after the regular season concludes. “I really haven’t given it much thought. Any time you’re playing State and you’re at North Carolina, this is all I’m focused about and I’m dedicating my all to go out there and beat State. Stuff like that will come after the regular season.”

That wasn’t the only element of his future that he was asked about, though. He was also asked if he was planning to play in the bowl game and he more than left the door open. “My plan is to play in the bowl game.”

This would be great news for the Tar Heels chances to win the bowl game, but this also something that could change before the team actually takes the field for whichever one they land in. Saturday will probably weigh heavily on the ultimate decision.  If the Tar Heels win and have a chance to make a run at double-digits wins, it seems very plausible that Maye could opt to play. If not, there is still a case for him to play so that his final game at Carolina wouldn’t be a loss to NC State, but there would be an even stronger push for him not to play to avoid injury and focus on his preparations for the NFL Draft.


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