Heel Tough Blog: Kerwin Walton Saga Continues

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

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Kerwin Walton has just announced his commitment to play for the Tar Heels. Here's the link to our full breakdown of his commitment: https://www.heeltoughblog.com/post/heel-tough-blog-kerwin-walton-committs-to-unc


Believe it or not, Kerwin Walton's decision has been delayed another day. As reported by 247Sports director of basketball recruiting, Evan Daniels, the 4✮ shooting guard, who was originally supposed to commit on Saturday, will now wait until tomorrow to announce his decision. The good news is, we seem to a least have some sort of time frame in place as well, as the belief is that the Minnesota native will announce at 11:00 AM EST on Monday.

Sunday wasn't nearly as big of a rollercoaster as Saturday, but there was a significant domino that did fall that affected Walton's commitment. George Mason transfer Justin Kier announced his new destination earlier this evening, picking Georgia over Minnesota and NC State. That means the Gophers, who have just one scholarship available for the 2020 roster, can now turn their full attention to Walton.

Right now, the consensus belief is that this is still a three horse race, with the Tar Heels and Gophers holding just a slight advantage over the wild card Arizona. Monday will be a third straight of waiting, but hopefully, now that we have time set, this saga can finally come to an end.


Saturday was an entire day of waiting for many around Tar Heel basketball as they waited on the commitment of 4✮ SG Kerwin Walton. After a cloud of uncertainty hung over the world of college basketball for most of the afternoon and evening, it was announced just before 1:00 AM in morning today by Evan Daniels, the 247Sports director of basketball recruiting, announced that his decision will now be made later today, per Walton’s father.

While this is as reliable of a source as it gets, there are rumors rumbling around that Walton may not only be considering the three schools that were believed to be in the running for him entering Saturday, but that he may also be listening to schools outside of that group.

It was amazing how quickly things changed on Saturday with each passing hour. After holding a commanding lead for Walton’s services over the last couple of weeks, the Tar Heels entered Saturday neck-and-neck with the home-state Minnesota Golden Gophers. By midday, confidence seemed high that the Tar Heels would be able to land his services, but that changed by early evening, as the Gophers seemed to be the favorite in many minds. As the night wore on the confidence in Minnesota seemed to fade and there was one point around 8:00 PM EST that rumors were saying the Tar Heels had received a silent commitment from Walton and the announcement was coming at some point later in the night. Instead, Arizona seems to have made a push to get themselves back into the running and Minnesota remain solidly in the race. Now, as we head overnight, it appears that Walton still has yet to make a decision and that Sunday could be more of the same from what we saw on Saturday.

Whenever Walton’s decision is made, the Heel Tough Blog will have you covered. Keep checking back with us for all of the latest and make sure to check out all of our other coverage of Tar Heel football and basketball on the website.

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