Heel Tough Blog: Tar Heels Lose Another Defensive Back to the Transfer Portal

@BryceWatts2_6- Twitter

You read that headline right: the Tar Heels have had yet another member of their defensive backfield enter the transfer portal as of Thursday night.

Cornerback Bryce Watts announced via Twitter early on Thursday evening that he would be entering the transfer portal after spending the last two years on campus with the Tar Heels. Watts, who transferred into the program last summer, will go without ever playing a single snap despite being in a Tar Heel football uniform for the last year and a half. In 2019, he was forced to sit out due to NCAA eligibility rules following his transfer from Virginia Tech and he chose to opt out of the 2020 season back in August. Watts will now move on to the transfer portal for the second time in his career, as he looks to find the right home for himself.

This move has unfortunately been a common one over the last few months, as Watts becomes the sixth defensive back to transfer from the program since the return to practice back in early August. The only good news about those six depaturers is the fact that they are spread out amongst the secondary, but that is still a lot of depth that has vanished in a short period of time. The more depth that disappears, though, the more concern there is for the future of the secondary going forward. The Tar Heels only have two up classmen currently in the secondary, but they can’t really afford to lose anyone beyond that if they want to still be in a comfortable spot depthwise.

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