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Heel Tough Blog: 2020 Scouting Reports- Adam Randall

Hale McGranahan- 247Sports

Friday night was state semifinal night for the public schools in the state of South Carolina with ten state title game bids on the line. Among the state title bids up for grabs was a berth in the AAAA classification in a rematch of a rivalry game between the Myrtle Beach Seahawks and the North Myrtle Beach Chiefs. After taking a look at Tar Heels’ 2021 3✮ WR commit J.J. Jones earlier in the year when we saw the Seahawks, we give you an in-depth look at Tar Heels’ 2022 4✮ WR target Adam Randall in this edition of the Heel Tough Blog’s 2020 Scouting Reports.

This was far from a dominant performance from the Myrtle Beach offense in this one, as their offense could never seem to get into a rhythm, but that doesn’t mean that Randall wasn’t able to make a major impact. Quarterback Ryan Burger targeted him fifteen times on the night and he pulled in seven of those targets for 95 yards. His 46.7% catch rate isn’t great on the surface, but he only had one drop amongst those eight missed targets. A lot of the other missed targets were the results of poor throws from Burger, who was clearly playing through injury and just flat out had a bad night.

Randall has a nice frame at 6’3, 198 lbs, with a nice combination of size, which allows him to go up and get the football and the body to sustain hits and hold on to the football. He wasn’t able to show it like he did in some of the games earlier this season, but Randall is extremely dangerous after the catch with how fast he can accelerate in the open field. The straight line speed is impressive both before and after the catch, as he has the ability to take the top off of defenses. He is not quite the run blocker that his teammate is, but other than that, Randall is one of the most complete wide receivers in the 2022 class.

Unfortunately, the Seahawks fell for the second time this season to their rivals, as their season will come to an end in the state semifinals. With their elimination, the SCHSL state title games will be void of a Tar Heel offer, so instead, we will likely be heading to the Georgia state playoffs or the Texas state playoffs next week, virtually of course.


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