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Heel Tough Blog: 2021 Scouting Reports- Dakota Twitty

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

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After giving you a look at the Tar Heels’ 2021 signee, Gabe Stephens, who played in Friday night's spring high school football matchup between the Mountain Island Charter Raptors and Thomas Jefferson Gryphons, it’s time to give you a look at the major Tar Heel target from the 2022 class that was on the other side of this matchup.

That major target was 2022 4✮ WR Dakota Twitty, a star junior wide receiver for the Gryphons that is one of many major wide receiver targets for Lonnie Galloway and the Tar Heels in this class. In one of the biggest games of the season, Twitty stepped up to have the best game of his junior year to this point after a bit of a slow start to the season. Gryphons quarterback Bryce Jergenson leaned on his biggest target nearly the entire night, targeting him eleven time. Twitty was able to pull down seven of those and turn into 103 yards to help lead the Gryphons passing attack. He also played a major role defensively for the Gryphons in the win, finishing with three total tackles and an interception, which came in the first half. He showed just how valuable he was in this one, never coming off the field in the process.

Twitty left me feeling pretty impressed with what I saw from him. To start, he has an impressive frame at 6’5, 215 lbs that allows him to catch just about anything thrown his way and has the skills to back that claim up. His ability to climb the ladder gives him a big advantage on 50/50 balls and makes him a major threat in 1-on-1’s, especially in red zone scenarios. He made a phenomenal over-the-shoulder catch in the third quarter on Friday night, showing that he has reliable hands, even in tight coverage. With him being the definition of a possession receiver, he would be a very good fit for a Tar Heel class that currently features a commitment from Tychaun Chapman, who thrives after the catch, and a lot of other targets whose speed is one of the best aspects of their game.

Twitty still seems like he is in the early stages of his recruitment, having not announced any sort of top schools list to this point and the fact that he seems to be enjoying the recruiting process means there may not be one anytime soon. The good news is, the Tar Heels seem to be in a pretty good spot here, especially with the NCAA recruiting dead period still in place, but they still have some work to do here if they want to make him a part of this class.

This is just the start of our look at a big group of major wide receiver targets for the Tar Heels in the next couple of classes. Coming up later this week, we will break down the performance of 2023 WR Christian Hamilton from this past Friday.


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