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Heel Tough Blog: Former UNC Standout Secures Summer League Contract

It was a long night of waiting for Brady Manek during the NBA Draft last night, as he waited for his name to be called. Unfortunately, that call never came, as Manek was not selected after having a career season in Chapel Hill while guiding the team to the national championship game. After not being drafted, Manek’s attention shifted to signing as a free agent, hoping to catch on a summer team, in hopes of earning himself some form of contract in the NBA. That team happens to be the local Charlotte Hornets, who signed Manek today to a summer league contract. The Hornets are no strangers to bringing in former UNC players, as their owner, general manager, and assistant general manager are all former products of the UNC program.

The Hornets begin summer league play on July 8th, in Las Vegas, as Manek will join their draft choices Mark Williams, and Bryce McGowens, among others looking to earn themselves a spot in the NBA in some capacity.

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