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Heel Tough Blog: Harrison Ingram Shines in Scrimmage and Confirms Draft Status

Jeff Haynes- NBAE

The NBA Scouting Combine got underway on Monday with the measurements portion of the event ahead of today’s first day of scrimmages. After a day with some measurables that opened some eyes, Harrison Ingram really caught the attention of NBA scouts with his performance in his scrimmage.

Ingram tied for second on Team Love with 14 points on 4-7 from the field and hit a team-high three 3-pointers off the bench in 20 minutes. He had the option to participate in the scrimmages or sit them out and so far it looks like a great decision for him to play. If he can finish with two more solid performances, it could put him in a tremendous spot to hear his name called in the first round of the NBA Draft.

Following Tuesday’s scrimmage, Ingram spoke to the media and was asked about where he stands when it comes to staying in the draft or returning. “I ​mean, ​obviously ​it's ​open. ​That's ​more just ​so ​if ​I ​get ​injured, ​knock ​on ​wood, if something ​happened, ​I ​get ​injured ​or ​something ​like ​that. ​I ​was ​like, ​keep ​my ​options ​open. ​There's ​no ​reason ​to ​close ​it. My ​parents ​always ​told ​me, ​never ​make ​the ​decision ​till the ​last ​moment. ​So ​now ​I'm ​trying ​to ​be ​smart ​and ​keep ​it ​open, ​but ​I'm ​staying ​in.”

He was also asked if he had revealed this information to the Tar Heel staff to allow them to get a head start on finding his replacement. “100%. ​I ​mean, ​I ​told ​them ​before ​anybody, ​before ​anybody ​knew. ​I ​was ​very ​straight ​up ​with ​them ​for ​this ​relationship ​we ​have ​and ​I ​told ​them ​from ​the ​start ​my ​plan ​is ​to ​stay ​in ​the ​draft. ​My ​plan ​is ​to ​go. ​They ​knew ​before ​everybody, ​and ​I ​didn't  ​want ​them ​to ​be ​held ​back ​by ​my ​decision ​and ​not ​be ​able ​to ​recruit ​everybody. ​I ​told ​them, ​obviously, ​they ​didn't ​need ​my ​permission, but ​I ​was ​like, ​you can recruit ​whoever ​you ​want, ​go ​do ​whatever ​you ​want. ​If ​I ​do ​end ​up, ​for ​some ​reason ​coming ​back, ​I'm ​fine at ​finding ​my ​position, ​but I ​know ​they ​have ​a ​job ​to ​do ​and ​they ​have ​a ​family ​to ​feed.”

This is confirmation of a decision that we thought was inevitable when it came to Ingram and this draft. The question now becomes why aren’t the Tar Heels being more aggressive in finding his replacement with their top target at that position off the board.

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