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Heel Tough Blog: Top 2025 Target Narrows List Down to Six

The state of North Carolina is always an important one for the Tar Heels to recruit well and it is even more important this year when you have what might be the most talented in-state class ever. It all starts with 5✮ OT David Sanders Jr., the No. 2 overall prospect in the class, and on Saturday he took a big step towards his decision.

Sanders Jr. announced via social media this afternoon that his recruitment is down to six schools. In a bit of a shocking move, the Tar Heels were not one of the six schools named, despite him being one of the team’s top priorities in the class. Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State, South Carolina and Tennessee are those that remain in the battle for his services.

The Tar Heels elimination from this race is a little bit of a surprise because of how well the team was positioned in the middle of last season. Following his trip to the game against Miami, it looked like the Tar Heels would be firmly in this battle until the end. It appears that a second straight collapse to close the regular season and a smaller NIL collective than the heavy hitters have cost the team a chance to even fight for one of the best recruits in state history.


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