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Heel Tough Blog: Ashtin's Analysis - Georgia State

North Carolina survived yet another crazy finish Saturday vs. Georgia State as the

two teams volleyed back and forth over the course of sixty minutes. The game started

off well for the Heels as Drake Maye and the offense got off to a hot start and led 21-3

toward the end of the second quarter. However, a late score by Georgia State made the

score at the half 21-10. Georgia State was able to create positive momentum going into

the second half and carried it into the second half with a quick score to open the half. All

of a sudden the Heels were faced with pressure. Drake Maye looked rattled for the

first time in his young career. The Heels could not get any kind of offense going.

Georgia State was on fire early in the second half as they scored 25 straight

points going back to when it was 21-3. This made the score 28-21. UNC, trailing for the

first time, responded with their best drive of the second half, with a four-play, 75-yard

drive to score late third quarter. Following a quick punt, UNC took it right

down the field and scored, creating the final score, 35-28. Omarion Hampton was a key

player during those two drives. Up to that point, Hampton had been contained to that

point but exploded with huge runs, including the 58 yd TD run to tie the game. Here are

a few takeaways from what I saw during that game.

1. The UNC Offense Looked Average:

Drake Maye, always so calm and collected, looked rattled by a Georgia State pass

rush that dumped him several times on Saturday. UNC struggled to get the run game

going and the offensive line could not get good solid protection for Maye. UNC was good early but got complacent, something Mack Brown has said they cannot do. While they did

get going again late, they need to stay consistent, especially with Notre Dame coming up

in two weeks.

2. The Defense Once Again Struggled:

There were improvements, but the defense once again could not stop the

opposing offense of Georgia State. They struggled with run defense as Georgia State

wore them down and rammed the ball down their stovepipe with 235 rushing yards. For

the UNC defense to improve, they need to stop the run better and play better downfield

coverage as Georgia State had several downfield pass completions as well.

3. The Secondary is Awful:

The Heels were expected to have one of the better secondary's in the ACC last

year, but injuries played a big role in their struggling. However, now that the Heels

secondary has also struggled this year, the Heels need to figure out what is wrong as

they have been beaten downfield and have had blown coverages, a very bad combo.

It has not been pretty, but the Heels are 3-0, they will take on the Notre Dame

Fighting Irish after a bye week.


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