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Heel Tough Blog: Kobe Paysour Recovering from Third Foot Surgery

Grant Halverson- Getty Images

The Tar Heels were hoping to have the team’s top receivers fully healthy for summer workouts and head coach Mack Brown seems to believe that to be the case despite one member of that group rehabbing from another procedure.

Brown stated Monday that junior wide receiver Kobe Paysour is currently recovering from his third surgery in the last six months on his feet. Paysour initially broke his left foot in a practice prior to the Miami game this past year. He had surgery immediately, which positioned him to return for the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in December. Unfortunately, in preparations for the game, he broke his right foot ending his season and eventually leading to this most recent surgery.

Brown did not seem concerned about the most recent surgery, saying that he does not expect this to be something that costs him time in the summer. "It's nothing big. It was something to go in and relieve some pressure. It wasn't a big deal. He'll be fine for summer workouts, and should be back ready to go."

Getting him back out on the field would be a huge boost for this Tar Heel offense. Prior to his first foot injury this past season, Paysour was one of the team’s top receivers, catching 22 of his 27 passes for 282 yards and three touchdowns. He led the team in receiving in the season opener and also caught a team-high eight passes in the game against Appalachian State. Without him, the Tar Heel offense faded down the stretch of the season and having him as a versatile option that can play either on the outside or in the slot will go a long way for the new quarterback. Hopefully this year he is able to have better injury luck and settle back into being one of the team’s top receivers alongside J.J. Jones and Nate McCollum.


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